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GRABEASE - supporting children's independence - one bite at a time.

Grabease (patented and trademarked) is a utensil designed to promote babies and toddlers’ self feeding. The ergonomically designed handle is suitable for vertical grasp, which is babies’ natural hand grasp. The choke protection barrier prevents baby from pushing utensils too far in. These safe self feeding tools give parents peace of mind to allow their little ones to independently explore and learn to self feed.



These are AWESOME! I wish I had bought these earlier than when I did. My daughter is 18 months and I noticed I was doing a lot of her feeding still. I bought these knowing shorter handles would help. They have given her the confidence to eat with utensils. So at 18 months she expects to be able to pick up a peice if waffle, egg, french toast or steak. This just doesnt have the prongs for that. I can’t take a star away for that, as it’s mkte my fault for not buying sooner. At 6-8 months (when I should have bought) they don’t need to actually stick food, just create the muscles and fine motor skills to do so later on. They are easily washed and has stood up to lots of chewing on, by both my kiddo and our puppy. Great buy!


My six month old figured these out very quickly. I am following baby led feeding and they work really well with foods that aren’t puréed. He can feed himself without the utensils choking him. Great idea, and they are definitely like training wheels for regular utensils! I wish they made toothbrushes for infants!


10 stars if I could! How smart! Exactly what I needed for my little guy (20 month old). Wish I had these for my older ones. My baby immediately grabbed these and started feeding himself like a pro, and he was so proud of himself!! Since we have these, he never uses the other baby utensils. This is the perfect grab for his baby hands. I love the material, great quality, beautiful color, love love love it. Ordering more colors :)



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