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For hvert sett Grabease-bestikk som selges doneres 2 måltider til et fattig barn.

Grabease utensils are designed to give babies the opportunity to eat independently, featuring a proportional handle for their natural hand grasp and a choke protection shield. Thank you for helping us help others, each set provides two meals to a child in need!

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Why Grabease?

Everyones talking about these, what exactly are grabease utensils anyway, why are they so special?

Grabease are the first ergonomic safe self feeding utensils recommended by Occupational Therapists.

The patented choke protection barrier prevents your little one from sticking the utensils too far into their mouths and gagging

The ergomonic handle is designed specifically for a babies natural hand grasp. Continued use improves fine motor skills and strengthens the pincer grasp.

Mealtime should be fun not frustrating grab grabease!

I've been following Grabease on instagram for a while now and have kind of just thought "oh it's just another fork and spoon thing.." until I saw a video they posted with a little kid trying to eat strawberries out of a bowl with a regular-sized kid fork and then he tried with the Grabease and it seemed so much easier for him! I ordered the orange pair for my 16 month old and have already noticed a difference. He still eats a lot with his hands because he hasn't been able to figure out the regular-sized kid fork but he's gradually using the Grabease fork more and more and he gets so excited when he's able to pick a piece of food up. I also LOVE that he's not able to shove the fork down his mouth because of the mouth guard on the Grabease fork.

Kristian K.

April 17, 2017

About Us

Grace Anson-Wulff,

store owner

Hi, my name is Grace, the Director of Grabease Scandinavia. I'm a proud homemaker and a mom to my 6 month old daughter.  When I was pregnant, I took everything about it seriously. I have read about pregnancy, breastfeeding, introducing solids and knowing what parenting style might resonate to me before my baby's arrival. I knew that gentle and respectful parenting is for me, and the philosophy of following my child. By following the child means observing the child and using their interests and level of ability as a guide. Being the kind of parent who notices that a child needs a better equipment to do their "work" to allow the child to develop appropriately is one of the important mantras I have as a mother. 

And so, I wanted to get Grabease Utensils for my baby. I love Baby led weaning approach in introducing solids and Grabease is a favorite of almost all BLW moms. The utensils is made appropriately for their little hands but sadly there is no way I could order it and deliver it in Norway. I knew I wanted it so badly for my daughter.. and the thought crossed to me as to why not bring it here so other Scandinavian babies could also have the benefit of this utensils! And so the Grabease Scandinavia was born! 

Grabease is created and developed in California by Maya Shalev. I love that she also created PROJECTelli&nooli to help children all over the world. We are proud to announce our new 1 set = 2 meals program! 

These are all reasons why I did bring Grabease accessible to Scandinavian babies! I hope you will find how empowering these tools can be to your babies. How Grabease Utensils can help with self feeding and fighting to end childhood hunger at the same time! 


Please don't hesitate to contact us if there is any question! It is also possible to visit us on our local address here. 


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